1/100 MG FA-010-A FAZZ

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Bandai Gundam MG Master Grade 1/100 42 FA-010-A Fazz Bandai Gundam MG Master Grade 1/100 FA-010-A Fazz
The FA-010A (FA-010B) FAZZ is a prototype mobile suit from the Gundam photo-novel series Gundam Sentinel. According to the designer Katoki Hajime, the FAZZ was a testbed unit designed by Anaheim Electronics to test out several of the features that would be put into use when they would construct the FA-010S Full Armor ΖΖ Gundam. The acronym FAZZ (pronounced as "fahts") stands for "Full Armor ΖΖ. The FAZZ tested the concept of adding extra armor components to critical structural points to make the unit more structurally sound. However, the FAZZ itself had the necessary equipment to transform into the G fortress removed to simplify construction costs, and the armor components of the FAZZ can not be removed or ejected, so the unit is incapable of transforming and combining into G-Fortress mode like the standard MSZ-010 ΖΖ Gundam was capable of doing. The Master Grade model also fully utilized this setting and is also incapable to fully transform the unit into G-Fortress mode. Also, the FAZZ's high mega cannons (mounted in the unit's forehead and the front of the torso) were totally inoperable. The structures for where the dummy weapons are located were only there for aesthetic purposes, and to serve as a placeholder for when they would be functionally incorporated into the Full Armor ΖΖ Gundam. While the back pack rods resembling the Hyper Beam Sabers equipped by the ΖΖ, they were instead Beam Cannons derived from S Gundam's back pack cannon. The FAZZ also incorporated several missile pods into its integrated armour components, with various assortments of missiles in both of its shoulders, left fore-arm, both sides of the chest, and the projection on top of the backpack, from the design notes on Gundam Sentinel Special edition page 109, Katoki Hajime mentioned the number of spray missiles inside the shoulder missile pods are unknown and jokingly added the back missile pods have seemingly infinite missiles. The feature of this variation is the second most powerful Hyper Mega Cannon(official output of 79.8MW) for long range fire support.
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產品系列 MG
動漫角色 聯邦前哨戰
支援 ecship (SAL)
比例 1/100
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