1/100 MG MSM-07 Z`GOK

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Bandai Gundam MG Master Grade 1/100 MSM-07 Z`Gok
With the success of the MSM-03 Gogg and the MSM-04 Acguy mobile suits in the anime Mobile Suit Gundam, the MIP Company rolled out their own mass production amphibious mobile suit for the Principality of Zeon's Earthside forces. This line of amphibious mobile suit, known as the MSM-07 Z'Gok, became the most successful line used by the Zeonic forces during the One Year War. The Z'Gok's success came from what it learned from the Gogg's and Acguy's errors. The Z'Gok was very agile and fast in and out of water. MIP also replaced the bulky ballast water tanks used by the Gogg and Acguy for cooling off the mobile suit for out of water operations with an air cooling fan system. Notably, the weapon layouts were improved. Each of the Z'Gok's hands featured built-in mega particle cannons for easier and more precise aiming. Each hand also had three-claws which could be used to thrust into the Earth Federation's mobile suits or they could be used to smash things, as well. The Z'Gok also had six 240 mm missile launchers built into the head with five rounds. A few Z'Goks also underwent an improvement. These new Z'Goks, known as the MSM-07S Z'Gok Commander Types, used more powerful reactors. The improved Z'Gok S-Types also used slightly better armor/construction materials. This made the S-Types lighter and increased their overall performance. The Zeon war ace Char Aznable, better known as the "Red Comet" to his foes, piloted a Commander Type Z'Gok in his traditional red and black color scheme during the assault on the Earth Federation's Jaburo General HQ on November 30, U.C. 0079. Overall, the MSM-07 Z'Gok is considered the most successful amphibious mobile suit line produced by the Principality of Zeon during the One Year War. An experimental upgraded version of the Z'Gok, the MSM-07E Z'Gok-E, was also produced in far fewer numbers than the normal and S-Type versions, and was deployed in several clandestine operations near the end of the war. Z'Gok-E's propellant storage were moved into tanks mounted inside the arms, allow it to store up power from the generator and perform a rapid-fire from its hand beam cannon. It also replace the head-mounted missile launcher with torpedo tubes for addition firepower when operate underwater. In MS-X mobile suit variations, the Z'Gok has a ground combat multi-purpose successor known as MS-13 Gasshia which developed as part of Zeon's Pezun Project at the Pezun asteroid base. The Gasshia armed with shoulder-mounted missile launcher, cracker grenade and hammergun. Another space-used variant is known as MSM-07D Ze'Gok. designed as an low-orbit, atmospheric-dive mobile suit, designed to intercept any ships shot up from Earth surface. It can be equipped with scattering beam cannons or missile pods. Although it had managed to kill five ships as they ascended (which would have made its pilot an Ace pilot), he was killed by a squadron of Core Booster II fighters. Shortly afterward, due to the battlefielf shift to space, the Ze'Gok project was scraped.

產品系列 MG
動漫角色 0079
支援 ecship (SAL)
比例 1/100
品牌 Bandai
生產國 日本
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