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Bandai Gundam HGUC High Grade 1/144 MRX-009 Psycho Gundam Psyco Gundam (Japanese: ???????, Saikogandamu, "PSYCO-GUNDAM") refers to a series of fictional mobile armours of prodigious size, appearing in the Gundam franchise in various forms. The animation incarnations were designed by Kazumi Fujita (original work by Katsuji Murakami), and have appeared in both Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam and its sequel, Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ, both by the antagonistic Titans force, and later, the Neo Zeon movement. Other appearances by various Psyco Gundams include, but are not limited to, the Super Robot Wars franchise, the PlayStation 2 titles MS Saga, AEUG vs. Titans, Gundam vs. Zeta Gundam and Climax U.C., the PSP Gundam Battle series, the multi-platform Gundam: Battle Assault series, and others. Two Psyco Gundams, the original and its Mark II successor, appeared in Zeta Gundam. Both were fielded by the malicious Titans force, and operated by unstable cyber-Newtype pilots. Following the end of the One Year War, Zeon Newtype-use technology, such as the Psycommu system, fell into the hands of the victorious Earth Federation forces. These assets remained mostly neglected until the rise of the Titans, who placed a vested interest in development of artificial "cyber-Newtypes". Developed alongside those test subjects at the Murasame Lab in Japan, the MRX-009 Psyco Gundam was used throughout the series by the Lab's most successful experiment, Four Murasame. However, cyber-Newtypes almost always tend to be mentally unstable due to their conditioning, and Four is no exception. The Psyco Gundam bears much in similarity to the Zeon-manufactured One Year War-era MSN-02 Zeong: an exceptional size due to the space requirements of the psycommu system, cockpit positioned in the head (an unusual location for Universal Century mobile suits) and a heavy beam cannon armament in its limbs, body and head to compensate. Aesthetically, however, the Psyco is obviously an Earth Federation design. Barring its paint scheme and dimensions, the Psyco Gundam shares much in physical appearance to the original RX-78 Gundam of Mobile Suit Gundam and other Gundam-class units, including the signature "V-fin" antenna. In the Gundam franchise, very large mobile weapons often suffer from a significant flaw in the form of poor mobility. The Psyco Gundam's transformable nature addresses this to an extent. By reconfiguring its body into a boxy "mobile fortress" form, the Psyco Gundam can move at exceptional speed via a Minovsky Craft System installed in its body. Some of its weapons cannot be used in this mode, however. After nearly destroying Hong Kong in its initial deployment (episode 19, Cinderella Four), the original Psyco Gundam, with Four Murasame at the controls, would continue to cause trouble for the AEUG force trapped on Earth and their Karaba allies. The monstrosity was finally crippled and put out of action during the Karaba assault on the Titans headquarters at Kilamanjaro (episode 36, Forever Four), mortally wounding Four in the process (much to the chagrin of protagonist Kamille Bidan, and furthering the ongoing feud between him and Titans pilot Jerid Messa). The giant would live again, however, in the form of the powerful MRX-010 Psyco Gundam Mark II, which saw action near the end of the Gryps Conflict. The Mark II was a substantial upgrade from its predecessor in both offensive and defensive capabilities. Its armament was nearly doubled with additional beam cannons installed all over its body, and its arms were rigged with a detachable wire-guided ability (a throwback to the Zeong), including a pair of massive beam swords. An unknown number of unique "reflector bits" are stored in its backpack. A custom provision for the Psyco Mark II, these weapons are not armed like conventional bits, but instead allow the Psyco's pilot to redirect incoming beam weapons away from it, or to bounce attacks from its own weapons at otherwise impossible trajectories. Finally, the Mark II is fitted with a detachable head (another throwback to the Zeong), allowing its pilot to escape if the main body becomes damaged or inoperable. Piloted by the even more unstable Rosamia Badam, the Psyco Mark II's deployment was cut short by the destruction of the asteroid fortress Gate of Zedan (the former Zeon stronghold A Baoa Qu, given to the Titans sometime earlier). The Mark II was disabled by Kamille's Z Gundam (killing Rosamia in the process), and it joined the fields of wreckage created during the final battle of the Gryps Conflict (episode 48, Mirror of Rosamia). The behemoth Psyco Gundam was troubled pilot Four Murasame's personal battlewagon throughout Zeta Gundam. Fast Facts Appears in Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam First Appearance Zeta Gundam episode 17, "Hong Kong City" Designed by Kazumi Fujita, Katsuji Murakami Faction Titans Pilot Four Murasame General Specifications Class prototype Newtype-use transformable mobile armour Height 40.7 m Weight 388.6 t Armaments 3-barrel scattering mega particle gun, mounted in torso 10 x beam gun, mounted in fingers 2-barrel beam gun, mounted in head

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