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The MSN-00100 (MSN-100, MSN-001) Hyaku Shiki (codename: "δ Gundam" (Delta Gundam). "Hyaku Shiki" is Japanese Kanji character "百式". In English means "Type 100".) is a mobile suit built by Anaheim Electronics as part of the "Project Ζ". It was originally designed as one of the prototypes for the MSZ-006 Ζ Gundam by incorporating the "movable frame" technology found in the RX-178 Gundam Mk-II and back-pack wing binders for additional mobility, though defects in the frame design rendered it incapable of transforming to mobile armor mode. As a result, its design was revised to eliminate the failed transformation mechanisms. The Hyaku Shiki sported a gold-colored frame - a result of a beam resistant coating, and probably as a gesture of insult that such a mobile suit can be developed in secret despite the Titans, being also a customer of Anaheim, closely monitoring them. This mobile suit was initially assigned to Quattro Bagina of the AEUG and remained in service until its abandonment during the end of the Gryps War, following a confrontation between Quattro Bagina and Haman Karn of the Axis camp. The AEUG space warship Argama later recovered the abandoned mobile suit but was never assigned to a permanent pilot. A beam large cannon called the mega bazooka launcher was also designed by Anaheim for use by the Hyaku Shiki. While this weapon's power was sufficient to easily destroy a battleship with one shot, its power requirements were so high that a second mobile suit (usually the MSA-005 Methuss) had to attach power cables directly from its reactor to the mega bazooka launcher. A single shot from the launcher was sufficient to completely drain the reactor, requiring the Hyaku Shiki to carry the other mobile suit back to the hanger for refueling.
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產品系列 MG
動漫角色 Z 高達
支援 ecship (SAL)
比例 1/100
品牌 Bandai
生產國 日本
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