RE/100 1/100 AMX-103 HAMMA HAMMA

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AMX-103 Hamma-Hamma is a prototype MS for senior officers, produced by Neo Zeon for testbed for introducing the Psycommu system to general mass-produced lines. The piloting interface also employs the Psycommu, and high-ouput verniers are installed throughout the body to ensure tracking albility and improve mobility. The arm has a built-in beam gun and expands and contracts by the use of a wire that stretches some 50 meters.  Thus, spec-wise, the unit is capable of all-range attacks within a 100-meter diameter. The thruster vernier arrays equipped on the shoulder and waist give the unit incomparably greater mobility than conventional units. A generator-embedded shield is installed as a dedicated option.

產品系列 RE/100
動漫角色 ZZ 高達
支援 ecship (SAL)
比例 1/100
品牌 Bandai
生產國 日本
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